Avoiding common mistakes in skip hire

Thanks to the various skip hire companies that there are across the country, getting rid of your rubbish, rubble and garden waste has never been easier. However, there are some easy mistakes to make if you’ve never hired one before. So, strap yourself in as we go through the common mistakes in skip hire, and how to avoid them!

Choosing the incorrect size skip

If you’ve ever looked into hiring a skip, the first question that needs answering is how big of a skip you will need. If this question baffles you, don’t worry, we have a handy blog post all about the different UK skip sizes

As a general rule, it’s better to overestimate than underestimate – as in, it’s better to get a larger skip than a smaller one, just in case. This is because, if your skip is overfilled or too heavy, it won’t be able to be collected, and you could receive a fine, as well as having to organise another way for the rest of your rubbish to be cleared. 

However, don’t get a skip that is way too big. Not only will you be wasting money, but it also can cause access issues if you don’t have the room.

Make sure to check out our various skip pages to see what can fit in each skip. We have a number of different skip sizes, ranging from a 4 Yard Skip, all the way to a 50 Yard Roll on Roll off Skip!

Overfilling or underfilling the skip

Choosing the wrong size skip will lead to other issues, such as over or under filling it. Having a skip that doesn’t fit your requirements can pose a number of safety hazards, risks of increased costs and potential legal penalties.

Make sure you keep an eye on the fill line that is visible inside the skip, and don’t load heavier items on top of lighter ones as it can become unstable and dangerous to transport. It is also illegal to transport an overloaded skip.

Contact your skip hire company to discuss your requirements and determine the appropriate size skip for your waste.

Putting prohibited items in your skip

Another common mistake when using a skip to get rid of your waste is putting prohibited items in there. There are some things that are allowed in certain sized skips but not others, and there are other items that are not allowed to be disposed of in any skip – regardless of size or where you hired it from. Some of these things are obvious – asbestos and gas cylinders, for example –  but others, like paint, are less obvious.

Be sure to check what is allowed in the skip that you’ve hired before you fill it.

Not getting a skip permit

Another part of the skip hire process that is often overlooked is getting a skip permit. Although they aren’t always a requirement, skipping the permit (pardon the pun) when you do need one is a sure way of facing hefty fines.

If your skip is going to be placed on the road outside your property, rather than on your driveway, you need a permit for it. Permits can be applied for through your local council.They typically last for one to two weeks and costs vary depending on where you are based.

Luckily, here at EJ Shanley, we apply for the skip licence on your behalf, and supply any lights, cones or signs that may be required under the terms & conditions of the licence being granted.

Choosing the wrong skip location

In terms of skip location, you can’t only go wrong by placing your skip on the road without a permit. You can also make mistakes when placing the skip on your own land. Some driveways and gardens can be extremely difficult to access by skip lorry, and this is exacerbated even more when the skip is full.

If you want to place your skip on your driveway, make sure it is big enough to be kept away from a public footpath, and has a dropped curb so that it can be accessed by the lorry. Also make sure that the surface you place the skip on is sturdy so that it won’t crack under its weight – blocked paving is recommended if possible.

Sloped driveways are usually fine for skips, as long as there is suitable access for the lorry. Contact your provider if you are unsure or have any questions.

How EJ Shanley can help

EJ Shanley offers a wide range of different sized skips, meaning that we can tailor your waste management solutions to fit your individual requirements.

And if you aren’t convinced that you need a skip, we have a varied offering of other waste management services.

Get in touch with us today to find a solution that works for you.

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