The benefits of using skips for waste management

If you’re having a big clear out, renovating your house or undertaking a garden project , the likelihood is that you have looked into getting a skip to dispose of your waste.

But why choose a skip over other forms of waste management solutions? There are a number of benefits of using a skip to get rid of your rubbish.

Environmentally friendly

Skips are one of the most environmentally friendly ways of disposing of household or industrial waste. Once removed from your premises, the waste is sorted into allotted skip bins. After this process, most of the rubbish is recycled to prevent further pollution.

As well as this, using a skip reduces the number of people who choose ‘DIY’ routes of waste management, such as burning waste and emitting hazardous fumes. 

Hiring a skip and parking it on your premises avoids the necessity of multiple trips to the tip from a single household, reducing the fumes that are released into the air when driving. 

Cost Effective

Skips are a cost effective waste management solution. On the surface, hiring a skip may seem like an expensive choice to remove waste. However, the lowest recorded price for a skip is less than £70, and when including fuel and the cost of purchasing something to transport the waste in (storage containers or bags), skips are more convenient and could save money in the long run. 

As well as this, the cost of hiring a skip is significantly less than hiring a regular waste removal service, because they are easy to transport and they are able to be filled quickly and easily which makes it a good option for large-scale projects.


When using a skip for waste management, all rubbish is collected in one go, which eliminates the need for multiple trips to the tip, in turn saving time and money. 

As well as this, a skip makes your premises a cleaner and safer environment. Though skips aren’t the most visually appealing, it looks better than having a pile of garden waste and building rubble on your property. They also reduce the number of hazards and therefore improve the health and safety of your premises.


Skips come in a range of different sizes. At EJ Shanley, we offer sizes from a 4 yard skip, ideal for smaller clearouts, to a 50 yard roll on skip that is perfect for bulky commercial and industrial waste, such as shop fitting and tree surgery. This wide range of sizes means that you are able to tailor your service to fit your needs.

As well as this, you are able to dispose of a wide range of materials in skips. Other than hazardous materials, most skips will allow you to manage large amounts of waste in almost any situation. They are able to remove construction and demolition debris, recyclables, food waste, and garden waste. 

How EJ Shanley can help

EJ Shanley offers a wide range of different sized skips, meaning that we can tailor your waste management solutions to fit your individual requirements.

And if this article hasn’t convinced you that skips are the ideal solution for your needs, we have a varied offering of other waste management services.

Get in touch with us today to find a solution that works for you.

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