12th May 2016

E. J Shanley & Son (Trowbridge) Ltd are pleased to annouce they have recently achieved their ISO 14001 accreditation. Find out what this means for us.

ISO 14001 is an environmental management system that can be integrated into any business. The main focus of an environmental management system is to reduce costs, reuse resources and if unable to reuse, recycle as much as possible. It forces a company to be aware of and control the aspects of the business which have an environmental impact. It can highlight areas within the business that have high consumption and / or wastage therefore leading to cost savings, and in certain industries ensure the company is maintaining its legal and regulatory requirements.

As it’s nearly impossible to expect a company to be 100% environmental friendly, the system is focused on encouraging a business to either reduce the use of raw materials or if this is not possible to maintain the usage of these materials on an on-going basis. The system allows the company to set their own targets therefore allowing you to create achievable objectives without compromising the general day to day activities of the business.

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